TEEHO Gateway for Smart Door Lock, G2 Hub for Keyless Entry Door Lock

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Up to 250 User Codes

250 user codes allow different people to customize their unlock passcodes. No complicated programming. Just connect your door lock with your APP.

One-Time Passcode

Set up a one-time unlock passcode, which will be automatically deleted after use. Suitable for a neighbor, repairman, pet sitter, etc.

1 Year Long Battery Life

Low energy consumption, only 4 AA batteries can be used for up to 1 year. You need to replace the batteries if you hear 3 beeps and 3 red light flashes when unlocking.

Auto Lock & One-Touch Locking

Forget to Lock the Door? Don't worry. The auto-lock feature is the ideal solution. TEEHO smart deadbolt allows you to set the auto-lock feature and to customize the delay time from 1-900s.

Long press the # button for 2s to close the lock. Lock your door easier and faster.

Works Well in All Weather Conditions

The keyless entry door lock is IP54 waterproof and can operate from -31°F to 151°F. Our digital lock can keep your home safe in different weather, no matter whether it is chilly winter, hot summer, or rainy day.

Anti-peeping PIN Codes

Safeguard your PIN codes from prying eyes by adding random digits to your password. This extra layer of security helps ensure your codes stay private and secure.